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Many people treasure pecans for their rich, nutty flavor. They’re the main ingredient in New Ground's collection of recipes and celebrated for their delicious versatility whether sweet or spicy. What many people may not know is that pecans are incredibly healthy. It’s true, pecans are small but mighty. Consider, the following. Pecans...

Help hearts stay healthy and bodies stay fit. These powerhouses contain monounsaturated fats and omega fatty-acids which are known to reduce blood pressure and decrease heart disease and coronary-related deaths. The fatty acids in pecans are critical for weight loss and reducing unhealthy LDL cholesterol. Your heart will thank you.

Are an antioxidant superfood. At 17,940 ORAC units, pecans have the most flavonoids of any tree nut. Seven times richer than walnuts and twice as many antioxidants as almonds! 

Are rich in vitamins and minerals. Pecans contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals including A, E, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, and zinc. The copper in pecans can help with inflammation, reduce PMS and pain from arthritis and help strengthen your immune system. Just one ounce of these tree nuts gives you 60% of the daily value for manganese. Manganese helps stabilize blood sugar, aids with weight loss, forms collagen (think firm skin), and is needed for healthy bones. 

Are a great source of fiber. You can get 10% of your recommended daily value from just one ounce of pecans.

What's more, pecans are natural. Unprocessed, no additives and easy to eat. Try them in one of New Ground's favorite recipes, or order a bag to have on hand – for your taste buds and your health.

  Healthy, Natural Georgia Pecans
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