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Not so secret pecan supplier

NPR recently interviewed Benjamin Lorr, author of the book "The Secret Life of Groceries: The Dark Miracle of the American Supermarket." The result of five years of in-person study of all aspects of American supermarkets — suppliers, distributors, supply routes, and retail workers — the book examines how supermarkets' abundance and convenience can compromise health, taste, quality of life and animal welfare. In response to NPR's question about shrinking the supply chain to be better, more informed shoppers, Lorr mentions New Ground Orchards. He answers, "farmers are ready to set up these relationships. I get my pecans from a single family farm, New Ground Orchards, that I trust."   You can read the full story here

Thank you, author @BenjaminLorr, for mentioning our family farm. If you are interested to learning about the foods on the shelf at your grocery store and, more importantly, how they got there, check out his book, "The Secret Life of Supermarkets", available through Bookshop or Amazon.  

Please note that Benjamin's recommendation was completely unsolicited/unpaid. As he said on his own social media page: "I got no connection to these guys outside an unexpectedly good bag of pecans and just wanted to say thanks for it!" And we thank you, Mr. Lorr! We're happy to be your pecan supplier! 


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